February 26, 2007

Mixed feelings about trip to US

I will be flying off to Orlando tomorrow for a meeting, followed by a visit to my company's headquarters in New Jersey. This will be my first trip to the USA and I should be very excited about it as I've always wanted to set foot in the land of plenty. And getting to Orlando on my first ever trip to the USA, with its many attractions such as Disneyworld and Universal Studio, is really something I should look forward to.

However, I just don't feel any excitement right now. Maybe because I have several major activities in March and there's loads to be done. I'm getting very anxious that I might not be able to meet a lot of deadlines to make those events a success.

I also feel very apprehensive as this will be the longest ever I'll be separated from Yiu Yiu. I will only return on March 10 so I'll be away for close to two weeks. Though I've traveled quite a bit on business since Yiu Yiu was born, those are mainly short 3 – 5 days trip. Even though hubby is quite adept at handling Yiu Yiu on his own and the babysitter, bless her, has also offered to take care of her day and night while I'm away, I am still not at peace.

I worry because she will have to take formula while I'm away as my stash of frozen expressed breast milk (EBM) is depleting and will not last her for the duration of my trip. I also worry because Yiu Yiu is getting increasingly difficult at mealtimes and during the Chinese New Year holidays, she never finished her normal portion of porridge or rice. But mainly, I worry about how I'll be able to handle being half-the-world away from her and whether she'll receive me with open arms when I come back. Seems like mummy is the one developing a severe bout of separation anxiety!


Angeleyes said...

aawww....you must be in a dilemma... but think you don't hv much of a choice but to go ahead with work....

A Mom's Diary said...

angeleyes, yeah. wished i could drag hubby and Yiu Yiu along.