February 20, 2007

Pink nen-nen

As sis was away in Cambodia for a few days, mum and Yihao stayed with us over the last week. At 27 months, Yihao is well-versed at pointing out different colours. The other day while I was nursing Yiu Yiu in the bedroom, I played the usual "What colour is this?" game with him.

Me: What colour is this (pointing to the bedsheet)?
Yihao: It's grey.
Me: What colour is this (pointing to the cupboard)?
Yihao: It's white.
Me: What colour is this (pointing to the curtain)?
Yihao: It's yellow.
Yihao: (pointing to my pink t-shirt) This is pink, pink nen-nen

I couldn't stop laughing!


jazzmint said...

hahaha...that's cute

Liew said...

Wah u in Kuantan oso can blog ah? Your nephew can be very amusing and entertaining out of the blue one.........we were kept entertained by his antics the last 2 days.

But now he is back in Sungkai oredi

Rabbit said...

He really said pink nen nen? Aww boy. Kaka! FunnY~

A Mom's Diary said...

jazz, rabbit - yeah, i was so amused myself

wk - hehehe...dunno why can connect wireless. that's why lor...

Liew said...

Oh no wonder la, me too me too :)

Suzette said...

Hahahaha! LOL! So cute. And so clever. My son, almost 3 years old, still cannot tell colours. Everything is green colour to him. I was once worried he might be colour blind. :D

A Mom's Diary said...

suzette, what a surprise! hehe...green is good. ian is growing up to become an environmentalist, perhaps?