May 05, 2007

18-month old

Yiu Yiu turned 18 months on Labour Day. Here's an update of her development:
Physical: We've not had any reason to visit the paed (she's a healthy child, maybe due breastfeeding exclusively for 15 months) so no chance to weigh her as yet. She's 77cm in height, and is rather petite for her age. Her top and bottom molar on both sides of her mouth is cutting through so she can chew a lot better now. With that, she's starting to accept food with coarser texture, unlike previously where she'll spit them out. She's taking to brushing her teeth well and in fact looks forward to each brushing session.
Mobility: She loves climbing up and down the stairs. Before we shifted to this house, she could only practice whenever we were back in my maternal home in Ipoh. She's now having a ball of a time grabbing our hands and leading us to the stairs for her climbing practice. We got a second hand stairs gate from a friend but unfortunately the measurement doesn't fit. Have to stop procrastinating and go get a proper stairs gate, before any unforeseen circumstances occur.
Comprehension: Only recently, she could tell us where her eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, head, hair, hands and legs are. Our fault really, for not teaching her any earlier.
Language: Her vocabulary hasn't increased very much since last month but she can pronounce single syllable words like fish, soup, car, pain, hou (Cantonese, OK) and mou (Cantonese, no). She wishes us good night with "nigh".
Feeding: She has rejected porridge totally. Can't blame her, who wouldn't be bored if given porridge every single meal for the past 10 – 11 months? She takes adult food nowadays, but since we don't cook much, it's difficult trying to ensure she gets enough nutrients. At least with porridge, I make sure I cook it with a variety of fish, meat and vegetables but with outside food, the variety that's suitable for her is rather limited. She now insists on self feeding, and would object strongly if I so much as try to feed her! This girl is developing a stubborn streak.

Social: She's acting like all grown up – blow her nose, strut in front of the mirror, etc. She shows her affections to mummy by unexpectedly planting a kiss on mummy's lips while being carried. Sometimes when mummy is doing things standing up, she'll simply come round to hug mummy's legs. Now if only she can say "I love you, mummy". Sometimes though, she can behave rather badly and would simply scream and cry if she doesn't get her way. We don't indulge her when she's having one of her tantrums but would just leave her to cry it out. She knows that we're crossed with her and would try to gain our affection again, at which we'll try to explain why her behavior is unbecoming. Sigh! Signs of the terrible two...
This & That: We started training her to use the potty and she succeeded once in warning us of her urge with a little success. There are still many instances whereby she'll poo in her diapers but toilet training is never an easy process.


becky's mum said...

I also prefer to cook porridge for Anne. Now I let Anne eats prorridge and rice alternately! :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Becky's mum, the problem with my little girl is...she totally rejects porridge. difficult thinking of things to cook for her.