May 16, 2007

Disney World - Part 1

Friday, March 2 – Magic Kingdom

Disney World Orlando consists of four captivating theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal World, Epcot Centre and Disney-MGM Studio. As I only had 1.5 days, I had to forego visiting the Animal World. My first stop was the Magic Kingdom Park, where it's a fantasy storybook world of beloved characters, timeless tales and bold adventures. I was lucky to stumble upon the Disney Dreams Come True Parade, a dazzling and delightful parade of Disney Characters on amazing looking floats, accompanied by a variety of favorite Disney music. One can't help but feel gay amidst the merry atmosphere.

There were many attractions and I had to choose the attractions wisely to maximize my time there. In Pirates of the Caribbean, we joined Captain Jack and sailed through the Spanish Main. It was an easy boat ride taking us through numerous scenes of Captain Jack in his adventures. At the Swiss Family Treehouse, we were transported into the lives of the Swiss Family Robinson who were tossed onto a deserted South Seas island. It was amazing seeing the treehouse, with its many "rooms", just like any normal house would have. Next was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a ride on a mine train through an Old West mining town. In Splash Mountain, we hopped into a hollowed-out log to follow Brer Rabbit's mischievous escapades, which culminated in a five stories plunge off a hill. The plunge was not as dramatic as I expected it to be, which looked a lot scarier from afar. Stitch's Great Escape was an interactive alien experience in the Galactic Federation Prisoner Teleport Center. Stitch, aka Experiment 626, is a six-limbed alien with an appetite for chaos and creating havoc wherever he goes. We were seated with an upper body restraint and had a taste of Stitch's mischief through the interplay of sights, sounds and smells that assailed the senses. The experience was nothing to shout about and I thought I could have spent that time doing something more worthwhile. Next, I took a ride on Space Mountain, an indoor roller coaster that shot into the outer-galaxy past shooting stars and satellites. At the Haunted Mansion, home to 999 grim, grinning ghosts, we were taken around the mansion on a Doom Buggy where the call of "there's always room for one more" greeted us at every turn, enticing one of us to become the 1000th occupant of the mansion!

The highlight of Magic Kingdom had to be the Cinderella Castle. Seeing the world-wide symbol of magic, fantasy and imagination which has became familiar to children across the world through television and books, was pretty memorable. And each night, the park closes with a musical firework spectacular called Wishes Nighttime Spectacular. The folks at Disney call this enchanting finale a "kiss goodnight", to fill visitors with miracles to dream on all nights. The dazzling array of fireworks and pyrotechnic effects against the backdrop of Cinderella Castle truly brings out the magic that is uniquely Disney. Well, what can I say…wishes do come true here in Magic Kingdom.

Cinderella Castle by day and by night

Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

Description and photos of some attractions adapted from here

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