July 09, 2007

20-month old

I missed updating Yiu Yiu's 19-month progress last month so even though this post is a week late, it's better than missing another month. So here's a summry of her progress over the last two months.
Physical: We visited the paed about a month ago for her MMR booster jab and she weighs in at a mere 8.3kg. Height wise, she was only 74 cm when I measured her against the height chart in the clinic but looking through my posting when she was 18-month, I noted that she was 77 cm when I measured her lying down on my own. Measured her again last night and this time, I got 80 cm. I hope she'll grow a bit more over the next four months coz the paed told me that multiplying her height at 24-month by two is predictive of her eventual height as an adult. And I certainly hope she would not end up a shorty like mummy. Overall she is very petite for her age and the paed kept saying that it's fine as long as she's healthy. So yeah…I'll take healthy. She has four teeth each on her upper and lower gums, and four molars. She loves brushing her teeth, coz she has an excuse to play with water.
Mobility: She can walk up the stairs steadily, sometimes even without assistance. But we have not let her try walking down on her own just yet. And since we installed the stairs gate, she no longer have the freedom to climb up and down the stairs as she wishes.
Motor Skills: She has taken an interest in her shape sorter toys and is trying to figure out which object goes into which opening. She can drink from a cup unassisted without much spillage. I'm quite pleased that she has learnt to control the flow of liquid into her mouth.
Language & Comprehension: She understands almost everything we ask or tell her but she has yet to start stringing words together to form simple sentences. I read somewhere that if a child is spoken to in multiple languages, the child will tend to start to speak later but once the child starts, he/she will be able to converse in all the languages. I certainly hope this holds true, coz we have been speaking to her in three languages. She can now tell us her body parts both in English and Mandarin. I bought the "Sunrise Little Book of…"series during one of MPH warehouse sales and she can identify a lot of objects/animals in the books.

Feeding: She takes two solid meals a day, mostly rice, at the babysitter's place. She loves drinking soup and meat cooked with herbs such as herbal chicken and bak kut teh. She's still breastfeeding, only at night and during weekends when I'm around. Other times, she's on formula. She has mastered the art of self feeding quite well and doesn't quite make big messes nowadays. In fact, several weeks ago, since both hubby and I had to attend different functions, I brought her along and she sat quietly feeding herself and enjoying the selection I picked out for her from the buffet line. My colleagues kept complimenting her for being such a good girl at the table.
Social: She's really showing signs of terrible two. When she doesn’t get her way, she'll start throwing tantrums and sometimes even hit mummy and papa. Whenever she does this, I'll smack her hands and explain why she can't hit people but it doesn't seem to be working. On the flip side, she can also be very affectionate and sometimes while we lie in bed, she’ll stroke my face. On days when hubby sends her to the babysitter, she'll insist on giving me a kiss before leaving, even if I'm still sleeping.
This & That: She has gone fully diaperless during the day at babysitter's place. We still put her on diapers during weekends as we don't quite have a routine and it's difficult to time her pee and poo. However, she doesn't like having the diapers on, so hopefully we can soon go sans diapers during the weekends too. She knows how to tell us when her diaper is full and due for a change.


Zara's Mama said...

She's doing well actually.. already diaperless during the day!

Clever girl!

And yes, normally kids who are bi-lingual will talk like a pro later, but when they do, oh boy, they can do it in all the languages!

jazzmint said...

happy 20 months

A Mom's Diary said...

Zara's mama, I'm waiting for the day when she can hold a decent conversation, just like Zara. I never fail to be amused by Zara's little talks.

Jazz, thanks for the wishes.