July 24, 2007

When it rains, it pours

The saying "When it rains, it pours" so aptly describes the situation I'm in right now. I've been handling a new product since November last year and my company is due to launch it this weekend with a road show in Kuching, Penang, KL and JB. Immediately after the road show, I'll have to conduct product training for the sales force. What makes things worse is that we are also in the midst of our long range planning period, the most dreaded period for any marketer. And to top it all off, the regional folks just have to organize the regional marketing meeting this week for three days.

There are so many things to follow-up for the road show and launch training, and I just couldn't afford to be away for three days. After much haggling, my boss and I managed to squeeze our way out from the regional meeting, not completely, but at least we needed only to attend the first day. Which is why I'm writing this from Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore.

I took a late flight, 9.45pm and due to bad weather conditions, the plane had to circle a bit before it was cleared for landing. By the time I reached the hotel and checked in, it was already past midnight. As I had several urgent things still not settled, I had to continue working from the hotel. By the time I finished what I needed to complete, it's already almost 4am so here I am contemplating whether I should catch some sleep at the risk of not being able to wake up for the 8am meeting.

Anyhow, I'm glad I'm going home after the meeting today. It's hubby's birthday but I won't get home till about 9pm so we'll probably just grab a quick dinner near our house. Maybe we'll have a proper celebration tomorrow. And I hope I'll be able to find something for him at Changi Airport on the way home.


zara's mama said...

Aw.. it's not really that bad you know..

Anyway.. Happy Birthday to Yiu Yiu's Daddy!

chanelwong said...

You travel a lot...Want to meet up with you also susah...even thought we stay nearby..