July 23, 2007


Reading Kittycat's post that she's relocating prompted me to write this. I had my tertiary education in Malaysia and never had the experience of living and studying in a foreign country. I had always wished that someday, I'd have a chance to live and work abroad, perhaps not permanently but I would relish short stints of months to years.

Two years ago, an opportunity came knocking. There was an opening for a marketing associate in the global marketing team based in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, USA and I was offered the position. The position was mainly in a supportive capacity, and meant for marketers in the subsidiaries to understand the global marketing function. I had to take a massive pay cut and hubby certainly wasn't happy that I'd be away for one year, not when we were just married for less than a year. But I knew that was an opportunity that was too good to let it pass me by and I was on the verge of accepting it. But one can only plan, and I found out the weekend before I was due to let them know my decision, that I was pregnant. Hubby was ecstatic, coz obviously I can't be accepting the offer, he also finally got his wish of having a baby. So there goes my stint in the USA.

A few months later, again an opportunity came knocking as there was a vacancy in Hong Kong. Having worked with the managing director of Hong Kong while he was in a regional marketing position, he asked if I would like to relocate to Hong Kong. I was still pregnant then, but I figured since Hong Kong is a Chinese country, it would probably be easier to assimilate. Hubby had a lot of reservations as to whether he could find a job in Hong Kong, and he certainly wasn't keen on the idea of being a SAHD. So there goes another opportunity yet again!

I wonder if I'll ever have an opportunity to live and/or work abroad. Quite certainly I won't have a chance like Kittycat as it's highly unlikely that hubby will get relocated. And if another opportunity lands on my lap, would hubby still be resistant to the idea?

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