July 14, 2007


Hubby brought home four durians the other night. I like durians, but not to the extent of being crazy over them. I was happy nonetheless as I had not have durians for a long time. We had two fruits that very night after dinner, and they were so good. Sweet, with a tinge of bitterness, and slightly moist – just the way I like my durians. I don't quite fancy cross bred fruits such as D24, raja kucing, etc as I find them lacking the authentic durian fragrance; instead, all you get is plain sweetness.

We introduced durian to Yiu Yiu for the first time. She held a piece of the fruit and without hesitation, sunk her teeth into the creamy flesh. She took her time to savour each bite, just like a true durian connoisseur. I was surprised as I thought children would not take too well to the strong smell and taste of this king of fruits but my little girl, she just lapped it all up.


jazzmint said...

my kids both love durians

Angeleyes said...

wah... Yiu-yiu also a durian fancee ah?

Long time din see you around leh... I moved lioa... got my own domain now. Do update your link ok? Thanks!

zara's mama said...

She'll grow up to love durians!

Zara doesn't like it.

A Mom's Diary said...

jazz, your kids know what tastes good eh?

angeleyes, i was surprised she liked it too. but then again, she's very "wai sek" so anything goes

zara's mama, hehehe...let zara have it more often, maybe she'll grow to love it.