February 06, 2008

Beach outing

Mummy had planned on bringing Yiu Yiu to the beach again when we are back in Kuantan this round and so had packed along mummy's and her swimsuit. Sunday was a perfect day as it was still bright and sunny in the early evening but papa was tired out from the long drive home and wanted to nap. The next day it was cloudy the whole day and I figured it would be cold for her to play in the sea. Mummy was again disappointed yesterday morning when it rained but luckily, the sun came out in the afternoon so we made our way to Teluk Chempedak beach.

This time, Yiu Yiu was willing to walk on the sandy beach without much persuasion, unlike the last time. The waves were pretty strong and she got frightened by them so we didn't spend much time in the water. Instead, we spend time building sandcastles and destroying them. The wind was also pretty strong, which explains why Yiu Yiu is all wrapped up in the towel in these photos. Mummy also tried the volcano recipe by Chanel but it was a total failure – there wasn't even any sizzle. Mummy thinks it's because we didn't put enough baking soda. It was a fun outing for Yiu Yiu nonetheless, and she has asked to come again.
Me, my mummy and my castles


Mummy to QiQi said...

Wai Leng, we did not even manage to go to Kuantan beach this time as we are out of time. Only went to Hyatt to see the Lion Dance. Any chance my hb would know your hb? Hope to meet u there one day :p

A Mom's Diary said...

Mummy to QQ, we managed to go twice this time. Not sure if your hubby knows mine...maybe if we happen to go back together next time, they can also meet.