February 13, 2008

First day at work after CNY

According to the Chinese zodiac animal in which I was born, today is supposed to be a good day for me to start work, and so I did. Coincidentally, the Sports and Recreation Club organised a Chinese New Year celebration at the office today. At about 10am, the sounds of Chinese drums and cymbals were clearly heard and two lions came prancing into the office. Starting at the reception area, the lions made their way to the upper floor where the directors' rooms and functional departments like Finance, HR, IS, Medical and Corporate Affairs are located. They then made their way to the lower ground to "ong" the sales and marketing areas.

The lions came a calling

After the lion dance, we had a "lou sang" session followed by a feast of curry chicken, butter prawn, otak-otak, mixed vegetables, rice and kuay teow soup. There's even bubur cha-cha and fruits for desserts. What a great way to start work!
Clockwise from top left: The nicely arrange yee sang, lets "lou" for a better year, digging in, the aftermath

Food galore


Mummy to QiQi said...

wah...wai leng, your company so good one.....good to ong so everyone got salary increment soon!!

jazzmint said...

wahh...so nice ada buffet somemore

mybabybay said...

Wow, got makan and lion dance on the first day of work. I bet yr boss gave you red packets too, right?

A Mom's Diary said...

Mummy to Qiqi - yes, yes, salary review is due in April. Looking forward to that day.

Jazz - we are very well-fed in this company. Besides festive occasions, there's always some trainings going on and food is catered, and there'll always be extras for "scavengers" in the office.

Mybabybay - believe it or not, the company banks in RM88 to every employee as angpow every year without fail, at least for the last 8-9 years I've been here. They used to pass to us individually but as the company size grew bigger, it's banked into our salary account ;-)