February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year@1-Utama

Since we just got back from Taiwan two weeks ago and I had to work the next weekend, we didn't have chance to visit the malls to look at the CNY decorations. Last Saturday, just before we head back to my in-laws place in Kuantan, we went to 1-Utama – besides looking at the mall decorations, we also wanted to get a CNY outfit for Yiu Yiu.

The decoration at the old wing was nothing to shout about but we managed to catch the Chinese acrobatic show. We then headed to the new wing, and were just in time to catch the lion dance performance. The concourse area was already crowded with people and we just managed to squeeze in to get a partial view of the lion dance.

There mummy, can you see the lion?

The decoration was quite nice, with red being the predominant colour - well, what to expect, it's CNY after all. The theme was Spring Bloom (if I'm not wrong) so there are flowers everywhere.

We spotted this pair of Chinese costume and tried it on Yiu Yiu. She loved it so much that she didn't want to take them off. After much persuasion and explanation, she finally agreed to take them off and made sure the che-che packed the outfit for mummy to take home.

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