January 31, 2008

Taking photos

Out of the blue, Yiu Yiu asked me to take photos of her. Don't know what struck her but she happily posed around so this mummy kept snapping away. Here are some shots taken within the few short minutes.

I wanna take picture with my Barbie doll

I wanna look sideways

I wanna take picture with the fan

I wanna lie down on mummy's bed

I'm pretending to sleep

Then, she decided that she wanted to be the photographer. I passed her the camera and she asked me to pose for her. After indulging her for a while, I started to ignore her and that's when she started instructing me, "Mummy look here". And when I looked at her, she'll said "Mile" (Smile). Kids these days, it's amazing how fast they learn


Sasha said...

O she's so cute la know how to choose what she wanna pose with and how she wanna pose

jazzmint said...

haha..she also wanna be photographer eh

A Mom's Diary said...

Thanks for dropping by Sasha. She's a real poser now, will stop whatever she's doing, smile for the camera and automatically after the camera clicked, her smile will vanish and she'll continue doing what she was doing before.

Jazz, must send her to you for some photography lessons.