January 03, 2008

Ushering in the New Year

We didn't plan on having anything special to usher into 2008 and I actually spent the whole New Year's Eve running errands at MPPJ, post office, income tax, as well as getting my last minute dental treatment in time for me to submit for 2007 claims. Then hubby's friends suggested we have dinner together. After dinner, we went to Mutiara Damansara where there was a street party organized by the Royale Bintang Hotel. There was a concert and even a lion dance.

However, by about 11.15pm, Yiu Yiu was getting cranky as she only had an hour nap in the afternoon. Hubby and I decided to leave and made our way back to the open air car park at Giant 1-Utama. We parked there coz we didn’t want to be caught in the post-celebrations. Yiu Yiu fell asleep on my shoulder while we walked and by the time hubby went to pay the parking, it was just about 30 minutes before we bid farewell to 2007. And we thought since it was already so close to midnight, we might as well wait till the fireworks were let off and so we waited in our car to watch the fireworks. There were two rounds actually, one by 1-Utama at the stroke of midnight, followed by Mutiara Damansara when the one by 1-Utama ended. We left after that but by then, the roads were already jammed up and we reached home at about 1.15am. Sorry no photos coz I loaned my camera to my sister to take photos of her Baby Yue.

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