January 11, 2008

Big Apple doughnuts@Niuzexui

I've read about it, I've seen long queues forming outside the outlets in the malls, I finally got to taste it myself. Yes, I'm talking about doughnuts. Big Apple doughnuts to be specific. Jazzmint wrote about how good they were and I've witnessed the long queues outside their outlets. I was tempted to try but the thought of joining the long queue put me off. To my surprise, they opened an outlet in Niuzexui, the brand new covered shopping boulevard in Ara Damansara, which is quite close to my house. When we passed by Niuzexui last Sunday, we decided to stop and got some to try. They have many different flavours so we bought half-a-dozen at RM9.50. We bought one each of peanut butter, green tea, durian, mango, chocolate and walnut. They have very fancy names for each but I can't remember them. I tried four of the flavours and they were really yummy, not bad for someone who's not really a doughnut person. Yiu Yiu finished almost one whole doughnut, the peanut butter one. So for folks staying in the vicinity of Ara Damansara, head over to Niuzexui when the Big Apple craving hits you. And while you are there, you can pick up some Chinese New Year decorative plants too since there are loads in Niuzexui.


jazzmint said...

glad u like it hehe

Kay said...

you got a cool blog going in here

allthingspurple said...

Yea, man !!! Every trip I go, Big Apple is miles long with queue,okay lar. i exagerated. But its queue almost to the sidewalk, just imagine ! I usually end up just buying dunkins.sigh

Hijackqueen said...

Have heard about the new Niuzexui. You should show us how's the place looks like. Next time when you ar at Big Apple, try their almond. I've never miss those!

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz, the doughnuts are really nice and soft. Can easily wallop a few at one go

Thanks Kay

Allthingspurple, I always see the long queue at the Curve outlet. That's why I grabbed the chance to try them when I saw the new outlet in NZX.

Hijackqueen, err...it's basically just a covered shopping area, with plenty of stores selling clothes, shoes, bags, etc. At the moment only the stores are open, the shoplots are still vacant. Ok, will remember their almond when I buy next round.