January 28, 2008

Prettiest Mom tag

I got this tag from KittyCat. Thanks dear, the last one I did must have been during the Neolithic Age ;-)
It's a beautiful poem on the journey of motherhood, which I'm sure all mummies can relate to.

Before I was a Mom
I never tripped over toys or forgot words to a lullaby.
I didn’t worry whether or not my plants were poisonous.
I never thought about immunizations.

Before I was a Mom
I had never been puked on.
Pooped on.
Chewed on.
Peed on.
I had complete control of my mind and my thoughts.
I slept all night.

Before I was a Mom
I never held down a screaming child so doctors could do tests or give shots.
I never looked into teary eyes and cried.
I never got gloriously happy over a simple grin.I never sat up late hours at night watching a baby sleep.

Before I was a Mom
I never held a sleeping baby just because I didn’t want to put her down.
I never felt my heart break into a million pieces when I couldn’t stop the hurt.
I never knew that something so small could affect my life so much.
I never knew that I could love someone so much.I never knew I would love being a Mom.

Before I was a Mom
I didn’t know the feeling of having my heart outside my body.
I didn’t know how special it could feel to feed a hungry baby.
I didn’t know that bond between a mother and her child.
I didn’t know that something so small could make me feel so important and happy.

Before I was a Mom
I had never gotten up in the middle of the night every 10 minutes to make sure all was okay.
I had never known the warmth, the joy, the love, the heartache, the wonderment or the satisfaction of being a Mom.
I didn’t know I was capable of feeling so much, before I was a Mom

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I'd like to send this beautiful poem to the following mums, and KittyCat, though I can't add you back in the list, Lucas is surely blessed to have a mom like you.
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Kay said...

Thanks for sharing the poem, great i like very much.

KittyCat said...

That's a nice thing to know - I certainly don't feel like that this week!

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat, there are ups and there are downs as well. But I'm sure the ups outnumber the downs anytime, right?