January 02, 2008

Introducing Baby Yue

My first post for 2008 will be to introduce my niece…Baby Wong XXX Yue. XXX coz my sister has not quite decided what to use as her middle name. Yue is the same character as the Taiwanese singer Chi Yue. Baby Yue was delivered by Caesarean section last Friday, December 28. My sister started having contractions in the early morning of Friday, the day she was due to be admitted for induced labour as Baby Yue was already several days overdue. By noon, though my sister was already 8cm dilated, her O&G decided at the last minute to deliver Baby Yue via Caesarean as she was in a face-up position. And Baby Yue greeted the world at 1.25pm, weighing in at 3.35kg.

Baby Yue is breastfeeding very well. I'm amazed at how good she is at suckling right from day one. I had a lot more difficulties trying to latch Yiu Yiu during the initial early days. I hope my sister will succeed in exclusively breastfeeding her for much longer compared to Yihao. Back then, Yihao was under the care of my mum in Ipoh and she wasn't very disciplined in expressing while at work so she only managed to breastfeed him for 3-4 months.

My sister was discharged from the hospital on Monday and both mummy and baby are resting at home now.

Left: I'm a moo-baby, Top right: Notice the scar on Baby Yue's forehead, no thanks to the Caesarean incision, Bottom right: Yiu Yiu is so fascinated with the new baby and kept asking to bring baby home

A comparative shot of Yihao and Baby Yue @ 1 day old. Can you spot the similarities?

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KittyCat said...

Happy New Year! Congrats to your sister - yeah, both babies look very alike =) Lucas and my younger niece look quite alike too.

Guess the scar will go off? I know baby skin heals pretty well and is too sensitive for any lotions now. Hope your sis not too worried about it - should ask the doc ya.