January 10, 2008

First trip to Kizsports

Yiu Yiu got an invitation to a birthday party in Kizsports last Sunday. I know there's a Kizsports in 1-Utama and I've read about Kimberly birthday parties there. Though it crossed my mind to take Yiu Yiu there to expend some of her enery, I've knew where the actual location is.

So last Sunday, we made our way to Kizsports@1-Utama (by the way, it's located on the first floor of 1-Utama old wing, between Pizza Hut and Popular Bookstore. Yiu Yiu was initially quite hesitant to join the other children who were happily running and climbing about but she was thrilled when she saw the pool of colourful balls and dived straight into the pool. We took her to the slide but she clung on to me like a koala bear and wouldn't even dare to crawl up the stairs leading to the slide. It was quite a torture having had to carry her up while bending my waist as the height of the netting was low. One slide down and she kept asking for more so hubby and I took turns to go up the slide with her. Luckily she warmed up enough to crawl up the cushy stairs by herself.

Soon, it was time for some games conducted by the gamemaster in Kizsports. She didn't want to join in initially but when the gamemaster took out the colourful round plastic sheet similar to the one used in one of the Barney shows where the children sang "Ring Around the Rosie", she enthusiastically participated. After the games, the children had their snack of nuggets, sausage, fries, mini doughnuts and orange cordial, not exactly healthy fare if you ask me. There was also fried beehoon, fried rice, chicken curry, sandwiches, popiah, curry puff, samosa and fruits for the adults. After the birthday boy cut his cake, we hung around a while more for her to continue to play before heading home.


KittyCat said...

The slide is so big that even her Dad can fit in? Sounds like a very kid-friendly place! No wonder a lot of birthday parties are held there =)

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat, I went down the slides with YY several times too, after Papa got tired from all the climbing. Kizsports has got many attractions - that's why it's so popular with the children, I guess

allthingspurple said...

I am not suprised Yiu Yiu loves kidsports. Actually, if you enrol her as a member, its only RM55 permonth, which is well worth it.cos its like RM16 or Rm25 per visit. Both Kimberly and AShley are members and leaving them there give me some peace to have lunch at the kidsport's cafe.