February 14, 2008

Small business loans

I've always envied stay-at-home mums (SAHM) as they can devote their time fully to their children. They bake, cook, and organise educational and stimulating activities for the young minds. I know I won't have the luxury to quit my work and become a SAHM but perhaps I can consider being a working-at-home mum (WAHM) or part-time working mum (PTWM). I can probably consider starting a small business and applying for small business loans.  There are some establishments that offer small business loans with no application fees, no hidden charges and low interest rates. I can secure a $10K - $150K loan and have my small business loans approved within 24 - 48 hours. With this, I can probably finally realise my dream of spending more quality time nurturing Yiu Yiu

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