September 21, 2008

1.5 months to her 3rd birthday

Yes, time really flies. It’s only 1.5 more months before my little princess turns three. I have not been diligently keeping tabs on her progress but here’s some recent highlights:
• Physically, she’s still as petite as ever, and can still wear clothes meant for 12 – 18 months old, though she has grown a bit taller. She’s now about 86cm.

I'm not happy that mummy forces me to take a photo, so I pout BIG BIG as a protest!

• She can wear her own sandals and strap-on shoes, though she sometimes still put on the left shoe on her right leg and vice versa. She can also button her own clothes.

• She can comprehend the relationship between family members
Mummy: Who’s po po?
Yiu Yiu: Your mummy
Mummy: Who’s gong gong?
Yiu Yiu: Passed away already lor
Mummy: I know, but gong gong is mummy's who?
Yiu Yiu: Your papa la
Mummy: Who’s da/siao yiyi?
Yiu Yiu: Your che che/mei mei
Mummy: Who’s jiu jiu?
Yiu Yiu: Your di di
Mummy: Who’s yeh yeh/mah mah?
Yiu Yiu: Papa papa/mummy

• She can relate an experience in the past to the present. I had a wedding dinner to attend and told hubby I’d get my hair done in the salon near my house. Upon hearing that I’m getting my hair done, Yiu Yiu said, “Remember to close your eyes when you friend cut your hair ah.” That’s what we normally ask her to do when we bring her for her hair cut.

• She still doesn’t recognize her ABCs or 123s, unlike Yihao who already mastered the alphabets and numbers by the time he was 12 – 18 months. Back then, dear old dad showed him the alphabet and numbers foam puzzle floor mat every night without fail. But Yiu Yiu is not very interested in those so we never really pursue it diligently.

• I am not quite sure if she can recognize most colours but sometimes when we ask her to point out certain colours, she’ll point them out wrongly. Hubby is adamant that she actually knows but simply refuse to cooperate.


Anonymous said...

luv that pout. a sign of protest huh?

A Mom's Diary said...

Susan, yes, BIG protest! :-)

Liew said...

Nvr mind, each kid developed differently. She is very chatty and talkative where else Yihao is not.

But one thing for sure, she is going to be difficult to manage ;)

Chinneeq said...

any plan coming up for yur girl's birthday?

A Mom's Diary said...

WK, don't say liddat, she'll grow out of it.

Chinnee, no plans yet. Maybe just a simple dinner with family. But I asked her the other day and she still wants a Barney cake.

Liew said...

Coz she has not grown out of the Barney stage yet. Nvr mind, get her another Barney cake, this time, different design lor