September 15, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival weekend

Mid Autumn Festival in the city is no fun. You can’t see any children going around the neighbourhood carrying lanterns. Elder sis bought Yiu Yiu a lantern few weeks ago and I took her around our housing area one night, and we were THE ONLY ONE doing that!

I would have expected a smaller place like Kuantan to be better but boy was I wrong! We were back in Kuantan over the weekend to attend a friend’s wedding dinner, as well as have an early birthday celebration for FIL.

With yeh-yeh and mah-mah, and helping yeh-yeh to blow the candles

With the bride & groom, and playing with the ice sculpture

I brought her around in-law’s housing area on Friday night, and again, it was ONLY US doing that! Is it me or is the tradition of going round the neighbourhood with lanterns dying a slow death in the advent of computer and video games? That would be so sad, coz I remember my siblings and I had so much fun going round with our neighbours’ children and singing the Chinese nursery rhyme of “Yuet guang guang, jiu tei tong” (literal translation: Bright moon shining on the land). Those days, we even improvised by making multiple holes in an old milk powder can and that improvised lantern would be so bright, outshining all those commercially made ones. I also remember mum laying out a feast in front of the house on the actual night and we would all have a good time eating and chatting away after the prayers (oppss…sorry for the digression).

Anyway, yesterday was Mid Autumn Festival and since hubby had to attend another wedding dinner in KL, we came back to KL early. Yiu Yiu and I went to younger sister’s house to have dinner with mum and the whole brood. After that, Yiu Yiu had some fun time playing lanterns with her cousins – Yihao and Xiaoyu.

As an aside, this conversation took place when we were packing and preparing to leave my in-laws’ house:
Yiu Yiu: Where are we going, mummy?
Mummy: We are going home to KL.
Yiu Yiu: Our home is not KL ahhh, our home is in Axx Dxxxxxxxx.
Mummy: OK, we go back to KL first, and then we go home to Axx Dxxxxxxxx.
Yiu Yiu: We go back to KL, then we go hotel, OK?
Mummy (scratching head!)
This is a high maintenance girl in the making. She must have enjoyed herself so much with the bubble bath at Imperial Hotel.


Liew said...

Hahahaha yep definitely very very high maintenance gal in the making

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Was blog hopping and saw your blog. I like the layout of your blog, it is clean and neat. I hope you don't mind me adding you in my blogroll, do visit my blog if you are interested, cheers! :)

Chinneeq said...

according to my hb, all people in kuantan will gather at the beach and light candles on the beach. not sure if it is true coz i have not seen it :p

jazzmint said...

haha...she likes the hotel vy much eh

A Mom's Diary said...

Libby - thanks for visiting, and thanks for adding me into your blogroll, but I can't seem to get the link to your blog. Can drop me a line?

Chinnee - that's what hubby told me too but I also have not seen it myself as that takes place on the actual day only. I was surprised that no one else was playing lanterns in the neighbourhood.

Jazz - she loves the bathtub.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

My blog link is Welcome to my blog, happy visiting :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Libby, will drop by more often. I see you like soccer, playing or watching? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I like to watch soccer matches..