September 24, 2008

Weekend with family

We made a trip to Nilai Memorial Park last Saturday, for a simple prayer to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of dad's passing. The saying that “Time will heal all wounds”, though cliché, is absolutely true. The pain of losing dad does lessen with time – a year ago, I still cried when we went for the 1st year anniversary prayers but this time around, everyone was in good spirits. It doesn’t mean that we love him any less, for he’ll forever be in our hearts and thoughts.

The three cousins with my younger sis

Yihao & Yiu Yiu

Later at night, we had dinner at Tony Roma’s Cineleisure. It was a treat from my younger sis coz she was recently promoted to a senior position in her company.

Since I had ribs the last time, I decided to try the BBQ Half Chicken. It was good, flavourful to the core - unlike some others whereby only the outer part is flavourful, while the inner part is bland. I had rice and fresh vege for sides and the rice (buttered I think) was oh so good too! It was really fragrant, and cooked to the right texture, so much so that my picky eater (Yiu Yiu, that is) abandoned her turkey ham pasta and pinched the rice from my plate. Other orders include Bountiful Ribs, Steak and Ribs Combo, Grilled Pacific Cod, Chicken Tenderloin Platter, Rosemary and Garlic Roasted Chicken, Roma’s Burger and Tony’s Sampler, a trio of appetizers which includes the Red Hot Buffalo Wings, the signature Onion Loaf and Baked Potato Skin. Most of the orders were good, except the burger which was a huge disappointment, and the steak which turned out dry and tasteless.

Top (from L): Steak and ribs combo, Chicken tenderloin platter, Roma's burger. Bottom (from L): Grilled pacific cod, Bountiful ribs, BBQ chicken

It was good fun getting together, young and old, big and small – and thanks sis, for the treat. BURP!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog you have...especially the foods that you'd posted heheheh I love foods. I hope you will visit my blog too if you have a chance and thank you and have a good day.

jazzmint said...

tony romas portion is pretty huge huh

A Mom's Diary said...

Simplymama - thanks for visiting. Will drop by your blogs soon.

Jazz - they are quite huge. But still I walloped them all :-)