September 04, 2008

Nilai Memorial Park Enlightment Ceremony

Three weekends ago during the 7th month of the lunar calendar, Nilai Memorial Park held its annual Enlightenment Ceremony to commemorate the departed. We made a trip there on Sunday, August 17 and everything was pretty much similar as last year, only this time, we didn’t stay till the end as we had three little children with us.

My little girl shielding me from the sun

Clockwise from top left: The makeshift prayer hall, monks blessing the altars, the sacrificial items to be burned, devotees marching along with the monks

The altars come in different sizes and prices. The two photos on the left are altars going for RM588, while the other four (clockwise from top middle) are going for RM10,888, RM5,688, RM2,388 and RM1,288 for next year's ceremony.

We adjourned for lunch at a restaurant in Nilai, famed for its Buddha Jump Over the Wall, but of course, we didn’t order that expensive dish.

Monkeying around in front of the restaurant

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