March 15, 2009

Bento post #29 – #32

Yiu Yiu had a break from mummy’s bentos for two weeks while I was away. The first week, hubby was home so he still tried to fix something really simple for her to bring to school. On the second week when he joined me in Hong Kong, Yiu Yiu stayed at the babysitter’s and I guessed she must have gone to school with bread and buns from the bread van. Since Monday was a holiday, here’s her four bentos this week.

Tuesday – was still a bit lazy so took the easy way out and gave her two pieces of cut out kaya puff. Fried some fish fingers for protein and tried making the bunny apple, courtesy of Angeleyes.

Wednesday – luncheon meat sandwich cut in the shape of flowers, and pears slices in the shape of butterfly and bear.

Thursday – had some leftover rice from dinner last night and decided to heat some up in the microwave and made onigiri for Yiu Yiu, my first attempt. Gave her two meatballs to go with the onigiri, and some grapes for fruits. Instead of buying seedless grapes, I bought the seeded type this time, which I find is much sweeter than the seedless variety. So I peeled them off, cut them into halves and removed the seeds before packing them into the bento box. Yiu Yiu woke up early and was polishing off the grapes as fast as I could seed them.

Friday – fried meehoon and boiled egg. Yiu Yiu requested for egg yesterday while watching me prepare the onigiri. In order for her not to make a fuss, I promised to make one for her the next day. Instead of grapes, I gave her some rose apples, another favourite fruit of hers.


Anonymous said...

Not bad... you still Bento everyday! I'm getting very lazy! :P

Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful flower-shaped sandwiches.

A Mom's Diary said...

Angeleyes - I'm running out of ideas on what to prepare for her...seems like it's the same old thing week in week out.

Asianmommy - Hehe..easy peasy to do with the cutter.