March 21, 2009

Disney’s Princess Wishes

A few months ago, when the billboard announcing the Disney on Ice – Princess Wishes show was put up near the Rothmans roundabout where we pass by every morning when sending Yiu Yiu to school, she kept asking us to bring her to the show. We decided to indulge her and just before we balik kampung for the Chinese New Year, I dropped by the Axcess ticket office, which is just down the road from where I work, to pick up the early bird 20% discount tickets.

The show was scheduled to run from March 20 – 22, but as I have to work today and tomorrow, we went for Friday’s night show. Traffic leading to the Putra Indoor Stadium was heavy as the concert by Ah Mei, the Taiwanese pop singer was just next door at the Bukit Jalil Outdoor Stadium. We arrived about 30 minutes before the show started and spent some time browsing at the stores selling various overpriced Disney’s memorabilias. Still, hubby couldn’t resist buying some of those for Yiu Yiu.

Posing beside an ice carving of a princess - can't make out which character this was

The show started punctually at 8.30pm, with Mickey, Minnie and Tinkerbell introducing Aladdin and his crew. This was then followed by most of the other beloved Disney shows and characters such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid, followed by a 15-minute intermission. When the show resume, Cinderella made her appearance followed by Mulan, which I thought was the least impressive of the lot.

The set and props for the Aladdin and Cinderella segment

Top: Beauty and the Beast. Bottom: The Little Mermaid

The show ended with all the characters making a final appearance on stage.

Yiu Yiu hasn’t been really exposed to the Disney characters so she couldn’t really identify most of the characters throughout the show. But since she just watched the Snow White DVD earlier in the day, she remembered Snow White as the princess who ate the poison apple. Nevertheless, she enjoyed herself throughout the show, and fell asleep in the car on our way home.


Liew said...

So who is her fav princess?

LittleLamb said...

the first pix...Yiu-yiu's seems so contented.

MeRy said...

Ur gal must be very happy...can c this show. The show looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am too kiamsiap to pay for the tickets. LOL The problem is I do not want to buy the cheap ticket and you have to take the back seat and everything looks like an ants later on. If take the centre seat, the ticket is going by the hundred multiply by 4 (hubby no go). Me really kiamsiap leh.

jazzmint said... girl been seeing that billboard day in day out too. but i told her this round we won't go cause I'm so busy.

yiu yiu must be thrilled with all the princess

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - dunno, as long as there's a prince and a princess in each segment, she's happy.

LittleLamb - he he...she was cooperative in that photo.

MeRy - thanks for dropping by. Yes, she has been bugging us about going to the show since she saw the billboard.

Hijackqueen - I know what you mean about the performers looking like antz from the back :-) Multiply by four? Your Prince also interested in princesses kah?

Jazz - we pass by the same roundabout almost daily, don't we? This is the first time YY watches a live Disney show.

Angeleyes said...

Last time when my dad was with F&N (which produces Coca-Cola) I get to go for free... coz they are the sponsors. I donlt only watch once but watch a few times a day! Know why? I am one of the Coke girls selling Cokes to all the audiences! :P

Luckily Darrius still don't know all these as he don't watch any TV shows except selective VCDs or DVDs that I bought for him. So I can save some money now and probably can't escape when he starts school...

A Mom's Diary said...

Angeleyes - good also, can earn pocket $$$ while enjoying the shows. YY has been watching mostly Barney VCDs but we bought her Cinderella and Snow White recently, just before we went for the show.