March 29, 2009

Bento post #33 – #37

Monday – had some leftover pizza from my meeting in Hilton KL the day before, so I just simply heat up 2 small slices in the oven and packed them for Yiu Yiu with some peeled and seeded grapes. Separated the two slices of pizza with a carrot and strawberry baran dividers.

Tuesday – another lazy and easy bento with two pieces of cut out kaya puff, with some rose apples.

Wednesday – French toast cut into the shape of dolphins and a heart. The bread cutter fits the squarish slice of bread nicely to produce two dolphins and one heart. Fried two pieces of homemade chicken nugget for protein, and some peeled and seeded grapes, again.

Thursday – babysitter made some yam cake and gave us some the night before, so I cut one piece into small cubes for Yiu Yiu. In the silicon cup are two meatballs and two butterfly carrot slices, with some rose apple slices in the other silicon cup.

Friday – the bento box looks really sparse but there’s more than enough to feed my small eater. The two flower shape sandwich consist of three layers of bread, with cheese and luncheon meat in between. Again, fruit consists of some peeled and seeded grapes. Notice she’s been getting the same type of fruits the whole week – either grapes or rose apples. That’s always the case, coz there are just too few mouths in the household, and whatever I buy will last us at least one whole week.

Tomorrow is a brand new week, and the headache starts again – sometimes I’m really lost for ideas on what to pack for Yiu Yiu. Can’t help but keep repeating the same stuff week in week out. Wished I had more time to surf other bento mummies site for more creative ideas.


Angeleyes said...

I think what is more important is that YY finishes all those bento you did for her. The cutie stuff you can try doing when you have lots of time to spare... :P

jazzmint said...

u are better than me everyday also biscuits LOL

A Mom's Diary said...

Angeleyes - the problem is, more often than not, she doesn't finish her food. Hubby has been telling me no need to waste my energy :-)

Jazz - hahaha...sometimes YY prefers the biscuits that kindy dishes out than the bentos I sacrificed my sleep for!