March 25, 2009

Story telling

When I came out from the shower last night, I found Yiu Yiu sitting on the bed yakking away, with hubby listening attentively. I then realized that she was actually telling a story to hubby. I listened on and her story progressed from princesses to Barney to some imaginary friends to police and bad guys to … (you get the drift). Though the characters are varied, she actually linked them all together. I suddenly had the presence of mind to record it, but as my camera was downstairs, I grabbed my mobile phone. But by then, she was already wrapping up her story, and I could only record about one minute of the ending.

Listen on and see if you can comprehend her story, as the recording quality wasn’t so good.
Click here to play

Did you hear how she ended the story? She said "And then!" when she meant to say "The end!" Ha ha...

Hubby told me that she had been yakking away for about 10 – 15 minutes, non-stop!!! She didn’t even have to pause to think of her story line but just yakked away linking different stories/concepts one after another. I was really surprised, as this is the first time she told us bedtime stories, instead of the other way around.


Liew said...

Can't really make out what she was telling.........can hear a lot of 'and then ho' and police and of course And Then at the end

But she does make me larf :)

Angeleyes said...

It is good that YY is getting creative. I think by doing so more often she will be more confident the next time and do it in front of her classmates.

jazzmint said...

she must have learn this story telling from school. mine also goes non stop and so many and and and LOL

KittyCat said...

She's funny! Hubby must have enjoyed the session too LOL

I think she's gonna be good in performing arts - I still remember how well she sang 'Happy Birthday'!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - yeah, dunno where she picked up th "and then hor".

Angeleyes - I hope she will develop a creative streak, coz her mummy is hopeless in this aspect

Jazz - hahaha...Faythe does the same? Then at least we know they pay attention in class :-)

Kittycat - yeah, hubby was just sitting there listening attentively.