December 17, 2007

Bad timing

Just as we prepare to fly to Taiwan, Yiu Yiu got sick. She developed a slight fever last night, accompanied by quite bad cough. We immediately took her to the paediatrician this morning as we wanted her to be well enough to travel tomorrow. She was prescribed amoxicillin, paracetamol, cough syrup and Ventolin, and the paediatrician gave the go-ahead for her travel.

When hubby fetched her from the babysitter's this evening, she was her usual chirpy and alert self. We assumed she was feeling much better but half-way home, she vomited her dinner and made a mess of papa's car. She must have felt much better after vomiting as when hubby asked if she was hungry, she nodded and asked for food.

When I got home, she was already asleep. She's still running a temperature but at least her cough has subsided. The babysitter asked us to reconsider bringing her along, as she would be tired out by the trip and may exarcebate her condition. I really hope she'll be better tomorrow coz I wouldn't want to leave her behind.

By the way, she's now 9.2kg. I'm pleasantly surprised by her weight, coz she has been stagnant at 8kg for the longest time ever!


KittyCat said...

I hope Yiu Yiu is feeling much better for your upcoming holiday. If she goes, do bring a thick scarf and coat to keep her warm.

Btw, here's a *nice* pressie for you - open it when you return!

Liew said...

Hope she will recover soonest. Well though you hv to postpone trip, at least you will have a healthy Yiu Yiu with you :)

The trips is still worth it coz you only pay a fraction of the normal fare :)

Hijackqueen said...

Enjoy yourself in Taiwan. Take lots of pic for us :)

A Mom's Diary said...

kittycat, will swing by to claim my pressie.

liew, yup...hope she gets well soon.

hijackqueen, our trip kena postponed. yiu yiu not well.