December 09, 2007

Falling asleep while eating

My little girl doesn't like to take her afternoon nap. She will try her best to avoid going to sleep during the day even though she's visibly tired. It's as if sleeping is a waste of her precious time which she could have put to better use to tear the house down, mess up her toys and eating.

She woke up at 6.30am today and had been up playing before we went out for breakfast and ran errands. When we reached home at about 12noon, I told her, "Yiu Yiu take bath, then go sleep, OK" to which she replied, "Want to take bath, don't want to sleep." And true enough, after her bath, she refused to go to sleep.

After a while, she started to get cranky and asked to have a piece of fruit cake. Few minutes later, this was what I saw.

Mind you, this is probably the 4th or 5th time my little girl fell asleep while still holding food in one hand! Talk about multi-tasking


jazzmint said...

haha..reminds me about my girl last time also like that, she can sit on the bed and fishing LOL

Liew said...

She really got the Liew's gene, just like Yi Hao la ;)