December 24, 2007

Update on Yiu Yiu

I'm happy to report that Yiu Yiu has more or less fully recovered from her bout of illness, though she's coughing still. She was extremely clingy last week at the height of her illness and stuck to me like a koala bear. The slightest move on my part to lay her down on the bed would trigger the floodgates. We even took her to see a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner last Saturday, since she still has persistent cough despite taking her medicine for almost a week. The Chinese physician from Beijing was apparently trained as a neurologist before taking up Chinese medicine. She advised us that Yiu Yiu has a "cool" body, so we have to avoid giving her cold drinks and even herbal tea.

Anyway, she woke up on Sunday a cheerful girl and has since reverted to her usual active self. Now all that's left is to complete her course of antibiotics and cough syrup. Hopefully, her cough will disappear soon too.

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