December 12, 2007

Taiwan, here we come!

I have close to 39,000 Enrich points which will expire by December 31, 2007. As MAS will charge RM0.017 plus processing fees should I with to extend my points, it'll mean that I need to pay close to RM700, which I'm not too keen on doing. As such, hubby and I were discussing about potential places to visit during the Hari Raya Haji and Christmas break, since we'll get several days off in a row if we take leave on Friday (Dec 21) and Monday (Dec 24) off.

Our first thought was Langkawi, since hubby has never been there. But we shelved the plan since it's the rainy season and we didn't want the rain to spoil our holiday. The next option was Yogyakarta to see the Borobudur temples, but since we can probably get cheap tickets from Air Asia, we decided against it. Another option was Taiwan, as it's one of the few countries in Asia which I've not been to. Our hubby was keen too, so since yesterday was a public holiday in Selangor, we headed down to MAS head office in Jalan Sultan Ismail to redeem our tickets. We initially planned to purchase Yiu Yiu's ticket but it turned out that she has to pay 75% of the adult fare since she has turned two, which came up to more than RM1700. As such, I redeemed three tickets for a total of 105,000 points. There went 2/3 of my points, which I had painstakingly collected since 2001. I'm not complaining though, at least we get free tickets for a family holiday.

Our free flight tickets to Taiwan

I'm quite excited with this trip. Though we've been to Hanoi with Yiu Yiu early this year, this will be our first threesome family holiday as Hanoi was with the whole brood from my side of the family. Furthermore, Yiu Yiu was probably too young to remember or know anything. But she recently kept telling us that she wants to sit in an aeroplane whenever she sees an aeroplane flying overhead so I'm sure she'll be quite excited by this.

This is really a last minute thing and I now have to plan our itinerary and most importantly, book rooms to stay. I called up few travel agents to enquire about their ground arrangements in Taiwan but they don't sound very optimistic. Apparently Taiwan is quite full around this time. I'm praying hard that we will work out all the arrangements soon.


Liew said...

Sure can get hotel one...........just might have to pay more only lor. Ground arrangements, you plan yourself la. You are expert in that area.

Perhaps you have to lower your expectations to try to cover as MANY places as you usually do when you travel la

jazzmint said...

wahh..enjoy ur trip ;)

Sue said...

Hi! Just drop in your blog...very informative..cheers!

KittyCat said...

Yeah, Taiwan, HK and Korea are fully booked end of the year - I had to pay extra for my sister's fare just so she could accompany us.

Hope you'll have a nice time and blog all about it as Taiwan is just opposite Xiamen!