December 08, 2007

Taking medicine – 180-degree turn

Yesterday evening while at work, I got a call from the babysitter. She informed me that Yiu Yiu vomited while she was being fed dinner. I asked her how Yiu Yiu was, whether she was still active, etc. As she was still active and playing with the two boys, I decided that I probably didn't need to rush her to the paediatrician.

I worked rather late last night as I had to rush some stuff and only got to the babysitter's place at about 9pm. The babysitter said she didn't vomit any more since then. As she was having slight fever, we fed her some paracetamol at the babysitter's place, as Yiu Yiu was already sleepy and would probably fall asleep in the car. We willingly took the medicine and even had her mouth open when the babysitter was pouring out the medicine.

She woke up this morning with the slight fever still persisting. While having her milk, I told her that I'll give her some medicine after she brushed her teeth and she was happy hearing that. And true enough, when we got down to the kitchen, she eagerly opened her mouth and waited for the medicine. This is such a far cry compared to early this year, when we had to literally pin her down and force the medicine into her. And I have no reason to complain for this turn of event.

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