December 25, 2007

Christmas with Barney and Friends

We happened to be at 1-Utama today and stumbled upon Christmas with Barney and Friends at the old wing. We were there at about 2.30pm and the next show was scheduled at 3pm. Unfortunately all tickets for the 3pm show had been given out so we made our way up to the first floor to try to get a vantage point to view the show. We managed to squeeze into a tight corner with a slightly angled view of the stage, not perfect but at least my little Barney fansee had a good view of her favourite characters. Just before the show started, the whole concourse and the first floor area were packed. The show lasted slightly more than 15 minutes before those lucky ones with tickets got a chance to go onstage to have their photo taken with the purple dinosaur.

Notice the crowd at all levels of the concourse?

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