March 12, 2008

Bangkok – Lavana Spa

A trip to Bangkok would not be complete without a good massage. The elegant Lavana Spa, with 48 spacious rooms and individual shower rooms, is about 10 – 15 minutes walk from our hotel.

We went there one night at about 11pm. All of us chose to have a two hour Thai massage with herbal ball. The herbal ball is one of the traditional tools used since ancient times whereby steaming Thai herbs are tightly wrapped in cloth and gently applied along the energy lines of the body. It is supposed to help relieve muscular aches and strains and promotes healthy blood circulation. I think the massage lasted for about an hour, followed by an hour of herbal ball treatment. My verdict? I would have preferred to have two solid hours of massage. I'm not sure if it's the skills of my masseur but I just didn't feel the ummpphh after the two hour treatment, unlike previous massages.
My colleagues browsing through the menu

Picture in the centre is the herbal ball

The massage room

My colleagues went there again on the last night but this time, they chose the aroma oil massage. Their verdict? It was the best aroma massage they've ever had.


chanelwong said... my dream...soo nice..

mybabybay said...

What are the prices of the SPA?

A Mom's Diary said...

Chanel, pamper yourself after your confinement.

Mybabybay, can't remember the prices but the Thai massage with herbal ball (2 hrs) costs THB950 and the aromatherapy massage (2 hrs) costs THB1100.

Bangkok Hotels, Thailand said...

I like Bali Spa, good atmosphere.Thank you for sharing your blog..