March 04, 2008

Feels like I've struck the lottery

The IS guy couldn't salvage the data from my defunct hard disk but he was kind enough to let me have it so I can try to salvage the data using my own means. I have to return the hard disk to him intact though, for he needs to return it to HP as it's still under warranty.

I passed the hard disk to Othniel, Chanel's husband before I left for Bangkok. I was prepared for the worst but while I was there, I received an sms from Othniel that he managed to salvage a fair bit of the data I wanted. I was excited at the prospect of recovering all my lost photos. After my return, I popped over to their house to have a look at what was recovered and I was in seventh heaven. Othniel managed to do the unthinkable – he practically managed to recover most of all that I wanted. And today, after finally getting an external hard disk, I went over again to copy the recovered data.

I'm really thankful to Othniel for this near impossible achievement – and tell me, how can I not feel like I've struck the lottery? Thanks again Chanel and Othniel, you guys are a totally awesome couple.


mybabybay said...

With technology today, anything can be recovered. Now you know how the edison scandal came about. hehehe.

A Mom's Diary said...

Mybabybay - I dare not place too much hope coz when my friend helped me earlier, we managed to recover only a small portion before it failed. But thankfully it worked out this time.