March 03, 2008

Tanjung Sepat

We went to Tanjung Sepat on Saturday to have seafood. We normally go there for lunch but it's been five months since our last trip. The restaurant that we normally go to, Ocean Restaurant, was closed and we were told the boss is taking a break as it stayed open throughout the Chinese New Year period. We went to the restaurant next door but the food was only mediocre – we had tofu with crab meat soup, a thick soup which tasted like shark's fin soup, stir-fried pork with leek, braised shark meat in curry sauce and stir-fried yau mak. After lunch, we took some photos on the famous Lover's Bridge. On the way home, hubby mentioned that we have not been to the Bagan Lalang beach for a long time. Unfortunately we had to rush home as the part-time cleaners were scheduled to come at 4pm. Just as well, as that gives us an excuse to go for another round of seafood soon.

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Mummy to QiQi said...

been there too once...that is a nice place to go but we go for dinner so it is kinda dark to walk on that bridge.

Love the huge oyster there...yummy!!yummy!! I think must go there one more time before I pop!