March 27, 2008

New Zealand beckons

Yup, I'm travelling again, less than 72 hours after returning home yesterday after my multi-city roadshows. I'm attending a conference on diabetes in Wellington, following which hubby and mum will join me in Christchurch, after weeks of research, planning, change of plans, re-planning, yet another round of change and finally, confirmation. New Zealand has been a dream destination ever since I was a swinging single girl, long before New Zealand was immortalised as the essential tourist destination by Peter Jackson's LOTR series. But for one reason or another, I've never fulfilled this dream, until now that is.

Even then, we only have enough time to tour the South Island, as hubby could not take so many days off. We decided not to bring Yiu Yiu this time, as the trip will be rather demanding on a young toddler, with long distance driving being the order of the day. Furthermore, with her along, we won’t be able to partake in popular activities such as glacier walk in Franz Joseph or Fox, and some extreme activities in Queenstown. Most importantly, she's too young to remember anything, which will be such a waste given that her airfare isn't cheap. So she'll be staying with the babysitter for 11 days when hubby flies over.

As I'm typing this, Yiu Yiu is already fast asleep and I'm feeling very heavy hearted as I'll not be seeing her for more than 15 days. It's really a bitter sweet situation for me now.


SleeplessInKL said...

Oh yeah...the one thing that working mums all over the world has to deal with all the time -- feelings of guilt!

Liew said...

I oredi promised Yiu Yiu to take her for swimming at my place next weekend :). Must remember to ask her daddy to pass me her swimming gear. Din take just now coz ur hubby hasn't pack them yet.

A Mom's Diary said...

Sleeplessinkl - yes, guess we just have to live with it.

WK - you can handle her alone or not?

Liew said...

Of course can la. 1 to 1 personalize swimming lesson :). Maybe will get Yi Hao to come along also, more ppl, more 'yit lau'

Just hope it doesn't rain la