March 02, 2008

Funny incidents

Related to me by the babysitter:
Recently there's some coverage in the newspaper on a royal wedding. In one of the reports, there was a picture of a Sultan (better not mention from which state, lest I get into trouble!) with Raja Nazrin Shah, the Raja Muda of Perak.
Yiu Yiu (pointing to the picture of the Sultan): I don't like him.
Yiu Yiu (pointing to the picture of Raja Nazrin): I like him, he's handsome.
Oh oh! So young already so hiau!

Related to me by hubby:
While I was away in Bangkok, while getting Yiu Yiu ready for bed, hubby made a bottle of milk for her. While she's having her milk,
Hubby: Yiu Yiu drink milk milk here, papa go down to get your bottle (referring to her water bottle) OK?
Yiu Yiu: OK
While hubby is downstairs,
Yiu Yiu (shouting at the top of her lungs): Papa, papa, papa...
Hubby (rushing up to the room): What happened Yiu Yiu?
Yiu Yiu (showing him her milk bottle): Yiu Yiu bottle is here ah… Haiya! (frowning and in the tone of "What an idiot you are! Don’t you remember you just made me my milk using the milk bottle?")

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