May 12, 2009

Am I short, or am I short?

Yiu Yiu developed a cough with lots of phlegm when she woke up last Monday but she insisted on going to school - haha, she so rajin hor. Her cough got worse and she even vomited two nights in a row, when she had coughing episodes after having her milk, so I kept her away from school for three days. We only took her to see the paediatrician on Wednesday when she doesn’t get any better. After several doses of antibiotics, cough syrup and Ventolin, she was well enough to attend school on Friday, though still nursing her cough.

As usual, at the clinic, her height and weight was measured. She weighs only 11.5kg and is 88.5cm tall. Both her weight and height fell below the lowest 3rd percentile for her age. So she’s really a midget by WHO standards!!!

Charts downloaded from WHO

Her paediatrician is obviously not perturbed by her petite size as we’ve asked her several times, and each time, her response is the same – as long as she’s healthy and active, she’ll be fine. Now should I start to worry?


jazzmint said...

no worries, probably she's got the petite gene :). faythe hasn't been gaining weight for 2 yrs in fact :|. Still at 14.

Oh, Faythe was sick too and skipped school for 3 days

ryeli said...

i used to be worried too with ryeli coz she was really a small baby and still petite for her age. based on the chart, she's in low 2nd percentile. she has always been on lower percentile.

coz she's a girl, ppl tell me don't worry coz petite is good for girls it seems. i'm not worried anymore coz she does eat mostly esp at the daycare and like your paed said, as long as they do things normally and are healthy. i think you can relate with me that we saved alot on their clothes - i didnt have a problem with changing her set of clothes fast since she grows slowly. she wore most of her babies clothes throughout her 1st year and also through her second year. she still can wear some of her 2 yr old clothes now.

Cute Mum said...

Don't worry, same case here.My girl is 3 yrs 7 mths old, her height is 88cm and weight only 12kg. I've been worry for sometimes, but worry also useless :) so cheer up

KittyCat said...

No worries since she is healthy and active. Last year, I noticed that the girls in Lucas' class seemed gigantic but this time around, they've gone petite again :)

The boys are shooting up like crazy! The teachers tell me that the girls will get their growth spurts later...

Personally, I think it's better to be petite now than later. I was TALL at 12 and turned out a midget. My midget-y friends now tower over me when they shot up at 14 :P

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - she's probably gained only 1-2kg over the last 2 years. I saw your comments in Mybabybay's blog about you getting a Mother's Day card from Vyktore only, as Faythe was away from school. YY went to school on Friday, so she came back with her Mother's Day card :-)

Syn - looks like Ryeli and YY are so similar - small babies, below the lowest percentile, and wearing clothes meant for 18 - 24 months still, at the ripe old age of 3.5years :-)

Cute Mum - thanks for dropping by. Hubby kept asking whether her small size is due to us never dewormed her :-)

Kittycat - you are a midget? Really? I imagined you to be a tall lady. But you know what, I think photos in blogs can lie, coz the bloggers I met during the Mothering Mothers event last weekend all turned out smaller than I had imagined them to be. And I got the same comment about me, they had imagined me to be taller :-)