May 26, 2009

Bento post #67 – #71

These are Yiu Yiu’s bentos for last week:

Monday – still had some shat kek ma (萨骑马, sticky egg biscuit) from last week so just packed her off with whatever’s remaining, fried some meat balls for protein, and rose apple for vitamins.

Tuesday – saw this sometime back in Hijackqueen’s blog. Have meant to try this for some time, and since we don’t have an oven, I fried the roti canai and cheese sausage separately before wrapping the sausage with the roti canai. The end result doesn’t look as nice, but it tasted really yummy. At the side are some grapes.

Wednesday & Thursday – babysitter bought some of these kaya-filled sponge cake from the wet market, which Yiu Yiu loves. She walloped two small ones the same night she brought them back home, leaving two larger ones – one in the shape of pokemon, the other doraemon, for school over the next two days. On Wednesday, I complemented the sponge cake with home-made chicken nugget and some grapes, while Thursday, she got some home-made fish fingers and rose apples.

Friday – brought back some leftover nyonya kuih from the office function the day before, so I just steamed some kuih lapis for her the in the morning. Added some grapes, and one tiny Hershey’s Kisses for treat.

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