May 17, 2009

Bento post #62 – #66

Monday – woke up extra early to fry rice and didn’t have much time to think about how to decorate her bento so it was just a no-brainer rice in the container, and a spoon. Since she was still coughing, I thought I take a break from giving her fruits.

Tuesday – chocolate flavoured mantou with home made fish fingers and her favourite rose apple.

Wednesday – cheesy sausages cut into heart shape, with some potato wedges for carbo, and rose apple. In the blue strawberry shaped container is some ketchup, meant to go with the wedges.

Thursday – I’ve no problem packing protein-based food for her as I have a stash of home-made chicken nuggets, fish fingers or meat balls in the freezer. And of course the faithful cheesy sausage which she loves. The problem is always carbo-based food – even though she takes bread, on several occasions, the bread that I packed for her, either as cheese or ham sandwich, always came back untouched. So I’m really running out of ideas. I bought some cheese pita so decided to make some pita cone with Bolognese sauce. I was worried that it might get hard by her break time, which means a high likelihood that the fussypot won’t eat it so I added some shat kek ma (萨骑马, sticky egg biscuit) for just in case. For fruits, it’s rose apple again. I packed some pita cones for my breakfast too, and I purposely left one till about noon, and surprisingly, it still remained soft. So there was hope yet that she might have eaten it, but I forgot to check with the babysitter coz hubby picked her from the babysitter, since I was working late.

Friday – it’s been some time since I made her hard-boiled egg so made a heart-shaped one for her, accompanied by some soy sauce in the pink sauce bottle. In the centre is a mini Mickey Mouse sponge cake, and some rose apples for fruit.


BoeyJoey said...

Wow... your bentos are all so attractive and healthy... I'm now looking forward to try to make some this weekend! :-)

A Mom's Diary said...

Thanks for the compliments - but I hardly think that my bentos are healthy - lots of fried stuff :-)