May 03, 2009

Bento post #56 – #59

Friday was a public holiday so I got a one-day break from thinking of what food to pack for her.

Monday – steamed a chocolate-flavoured mantou and fried some home-made fish fingers. I still haven’t depleted my grapes from last week so she’s still having grapes.

Tuesday – chocolate chips muffin with heart shaped cheesy sausage. It would have looked better if I’ve got a small heart-shaped cheese/carrot on top of the sausage but I’ve yet to have any mini-cutters in my tools stash. At the side are again, some grapes.

Wednesday – some potato wedges for carbo, home-made meatballs for protein and grapes for vitamins.

Thursday – so much food? Yeah, that’s because it's for me to share with her for her school outing to the KL Bird Park. The top tier consists of some French toasts, while the lower tier contains some potato wedges and home-made chicken nuggets. The colour combination (or lack of) makes it look really plain but I was running out of time after preparing more than the usual portions of food so off these go into my backpack.


Liew said...

Lucky she likes grapes!!!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - hehe, sometime back, she was so sick of grapes that she asked me not to give her anymore.