May 04, 2009

Teluk Chempedak Beach, again

We made an unplanned trip back to Kuantan last weekend. We hadn’t planned on going back even though it was a long weekend as MIL was supposed to go to JB on Saturday to visit his ailing brother. However, at about 4pm on Labour Day, hubby got a call from FIL that MIL was involved in an accident. The front part of the car was apparently quite badly damaged, but thank goodness there were no serious injuries, either on MIL’s part or on the other car’ passengers. MIL had a bad bruise on her chest due to the impact of the restraining force of the seat belt, but she was otherwise OK after undergoing check-up at the hospital.

We decided to make a trip back the next day, just to help MIL settle the police report, insurance claim, etc. And since we were back in Kuantan, Yiu Yiu got to go to the beach again. As it was a long weekend, the beach was crowded.

She started by blowing some bubbles, before moving on to building sandcastles with her beach toys.

Then, she got really adventurous and ventured into the sea. This is the first time she’s been really bold with the water, as it would normally take us some time to coax her into getting into the water. I stayed by her side at the shallower end but she kept edging me to take her further out. She really enjoyed the sea this time round.

Became instant friend with this little girl


LittleLamb said...

u back to Kuantan very often???

Liew said...

Now she is getting braver, maybe coz she is getting more & more familiar with the beach and surrounding.

She even managed to make fren :)

Chinneeq said...

havent been going to the beach since i gave birth to my boys :( i love this beach so much!

Angeleyes said...

Thank God your MIL is fine.

A Mom's Diary said...

LittleLamb - at least once in two months, I think.

WK - she makes friends easily now, even with adults she's less shy.

Chinnee - now that your boys are quite big, can bring them to the beach liao.

Angeleyes - yeah, that's most important.