April 25, 2009

Bento post #51-#55

Fruit of the week this week is grapes, so you’ll see most of Yiu Yiu’s bentos this week packed with grapes. That’s the usual case, I buy a certain type of fruits, and since hubby is not really a fruit person (except for guava), that leaves only me and Yiu Yiu consuming those fruits, which usually last us one whole week, and sometimes even more.

Monday – had some leftover fried rice so I just added more french beans and carrot and fried them up in the morning. Had wanted to wrap the rice in an omelette ala Nasi Pattaya but my omelette was too small so I just improvised by making it like an omelette pouch. At the side is some guava slices in the shape of fish. This was the last of my guava before I bought those grapes I mentioned.

Tuesday – plain fried beehoon with meatballs, french beans and carrot flower and butterfly. My flower cutter, in fact, all my cutters are relatively huge so I’m not able to make cute little decorations. Have been trying to get some mini-size cutters but no luck so far. And here’s the start of the grapes fiesta.

Wednesday – hubby brought home a piece of cone pizza from a restaurant run by his fellow Lions Club member. I’ve not heard of it, but apparently the cone pizza is the current fad in the fast food scene. I heated it in the oven in the morning and cut out half for Yiu Yiu, the other half being my own breakfast. In my mind, I already suspected that she won’t like it, and true enough, she didn’t eat it. Hubby is not a pizza person but he was told that many people raved about how delicious the cone pizza is. My tastebuds don’t quite agree with it, but perhaps it really is delicious if eaten fresh from the oven.

Thursday – the night before, Yiu Yiu said she wants cheese for her snack the next day, so thought I’d make some cheese sandwich for her. Knowing how fussy she can be, I persuaded her to let me pack her some bread with the cheese, and she finally agreed to have bread with butter, and cheese by the side. The next morning, she declined the bread again, but I reminded her of our agreement, and she finally consented to some bread and butter rolls. But it was to no avail, as the bread and butter rolls ended up in the dustbin. Luckily she still had her cheese and grapes.

Friday – when she saw me frying the omelette with french beans, carrot and button mushroom with the flower-shpaed pan, she immediately said she doesn’t want pancake. Guess my pancake disaster is still fresh in her mind.


Liew said...

Your little missy is one very fussy and very 'pa bai' eater..........

I wonder if she appreciates ur efforts and realized the amt of work you put in every am or not........probably NOT hahaha

Asianmommy said...

Love the butterfly carrot!

Angeleyes said...

Aiyo.... I'm so ashamed of myself... I'm a SAHM and I hardly do any bento after I found out about my pregnancy. My hubby also told me to stop bentoing for the time being as it is taking up too much time! LOL

I hope YY appreciate your effort!!! Like what your hubby was saying earlier!

HN said...

You are one VERY good mommy :) All the bentos look so yummy!!!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - sigh! What to do, a mum's gotta do what a mum's gotta do.

Asianmommy - thanks.

Angeleyes - aiyo, my bentos are nothing compared to yours, so meticulously decorated. I simply throw in whatever I have in the fridge/pantry and attempt to decorate them only.

HN - paiseh paiseh, it's prepared in the hope that she'll eat more, but most times, my efforts are in vain.