April 05, 2009

Bento post #38 – #42

This week’s bento consists of:

Monday – skewers of cheesy sausage, fish ball and boiled carrot, with grapes for vitamins.

Tuesday – fried rice with home-made fish fingers, and rose apples for fruit.

Wednesday – french toast cut into the shape of bears, each separated with a vegetable baran divider. Added two pieces of home-made chicken nugget for added protein, and pear slices for fruit.

Thursday – triangle shaped cheesy sausage onigiri with grapes

Friday – strawberry jam bread roll with boiled egg and orange cubes. The egg mould is triangle but I suppose the egg wasn’t large enough so the shape didn’t come out as a perfect triangle. In the pink bottle is some soy sauce to go with the egg. Yiu Yiu had told me from the beginning that she didn’t want the bread, and true enough, the bread came back untouched, as well as the orange cubes.


MeRy said...

Nice bento set......u r really a good mum, preparing nice food for ur kid.

Liew said...

Eh how much of the food you packed that Yiu Yiu finished one? Has she finished the whole bento box before?

angeleyes said...

Not bad, you can still fry rice on your working day!

KittyCat said...

Like I said, I like your bentos. They look simple and yummy!

Gosh, I'm so into food now...

A Mom's Diary said...

MeRy - thanks for dropping by. Just trying to get her to eat more.

WK - I think 90% of the time she doesn't finish. Don't even bother to ask the babysitter now...ignorance is bliss.

Angeleyes - no lah, the rice was leftover from dinner the night before, so I just had to microwave it in the morning. Bad hor, giving her leftover food!

Kittycat - thank you thank you...I think you're more appreciative of the food compared to YY :-)