April 29, 2009

Yiu Yiu and the pregnancy

I haven’t been writing about Yiu Yiu’s receptiveness towards the baby. We’ve been psyching her since we found out about the pregnancy and she’s pretty excited and eagerly looks forward to the arrival of the baby. Whenever she remembers, she’ll kiss my tummy when she wakes up and before going to bed, and wishes Good Morning and Good Night to the baby, respectively.

We’ve tell her that she’s gonna be a big sister soon, and that we’ll need her help around the house when baby arrives. And she tells me that she’s a big girl now, and can carry baby when she comes out. I’ve also been reinforcing to her that when baby comes, the baby will love her and she must love the baby too, and that I’ll love them both. Hopefully, this will mitigate any jealousy that may arise, since I’d definitely not be able to spend much time with her then.

When asked if she wants a baby boy or baby girl, here are some of her answers:
Answer 1:
Yiu Yiu: Baby girl.
Mummy: But if baby comes out and it’s a boy how?
Yiu Yiu: Then you give me another baby girl la.
How I wished it were that easy my dear!

Answer 2:
Yiu Yiu: Baby girl.
Mummy: Why you don’t want baby boy meh?
Yiu Yiu: Don’t want! Afterwards baby boy will be naughty like Yihao.

Answer 3:
Yiu Yiu: I want a baby boy and a baby girl.
Mummy had also hoped to have twins - boy and girl together...unfortunately no such luck!

Whenever she drinks milk from her bottle, she wants me to cradle her like a baby.
Yiu Yiu: Mummy, carry me like baby and drink milk milk.
Mummy: You big girl already still want to carry like baby meh?
Yiu Yiu: Aarrgghh! Carry like baby and drink milk milk.
Mummy: Next time baby comes out already how to carry you and baby together to drink milk milk?
Yiu Yiu: You carry baby to drink your nen nen (breastmilk) first, then when baby finish only carry me to drink my milk milk.

On sharing
When she eats anything, she’ll ask me if baby wants to eat or not.
Whenever I mention that some of her clothes are getting smaller, she’ll quickly say, “Keep for baby.”
When asked if she can share her toys with baby, she willingly says yes.
I hope these are signs that she’s really willing to share her stuff with the baby.


jazzmint said...

she looks all ready to be the big sister. no worries i'm sure she's OK :). Remember get her a gift

Chinneeq said...

good to hear that Yiu Yiu loves her sis!

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - I think she'll enjoy being the tai ka che...she loves to boss people around :-) Yeah, will get her and baby a gift - have yet to think what though.

Chinnee - hope she still loves her and won't get jealous when the time comes.

KittyCat said...

Oh, Yiu Yiu's great :) At least she's OK with sharing even the smaller clothes. My selfish little fella is still NO! to sharing toys, books or DVDs :P

So I'm turning up the TV and book propaganda by showing more shows which feature a kid with a sibling hahaha

ryeli said...

wow, u prepared her really well! rye li was not willing to share, etc initially, only towards midway and the end of my pregnancy.

after haye li came out, i was surprise tht she handled it pretty well overall. of course, there were some jealousy and all (till today), but it was manageable. i noticed for me, asking her permission first helps (to make her seems important)...like whn we were at d hospital, i asked if mei-mei n mummy can follow her home or if she can share her toy with mei-mei.

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - I'm sure in time, Lucas will accept the new baby with an open heart. Hehe...maybe that's the difference between girl & boy.

Ryeli's mummy - Thanks for the tips, I think asking her permission first will be good, she'll feel more involved that way. Maybe the wider age gap between YY and the baby also helps.

Angeleyes said...

Good that YY is so excited over the baby and is willing to share. Darrius is still 50/50 in that area.

Btw, Darrius was like YY a few weeks back... he wants me to carry him like a baby to drink his milk too... natural reaction?

A Mom's Diary said...

Angeleyes - I'm sure in time he'll be ok. I guess the bigger age gap makes a difference, they are more mature to handle "competition".

Some people say children can sense that they will no longer be the ONLY one, so they tend to be more manja during pregnancy. Cantonese has a phrase for this - "jang fa", loosely meaning fighting for attention.