April 19, 2009

Bento post #46 – #50

After my hesitation with bentoing last week, I still ended up preparing one for Yiu Yiu each day this week, and here they are:

Monday – a simple one with chocolate chips muffin and slices of bear shaped guava.

Tuesday – I still have some frozen spaghetti bolognese sauce in the freezer so decided to make her some spaghetti. As I was running a little late, I cooked the angel-hair variant, instead of the regular sized spaghetti which would take a longer cooking time. Gave her a slice of pear cut into small pieces for dessert.

Wednesday – I saw this simple to prepare finger food at the breakfast buffet in Novotel Yogyakarta when I was there in February, and had wanted to try making it for Yiu Yiu. It’s not exactly very healthy - bread and sausage roll coated in bread crumbs and deep fried, but at least it contains both protein and carbohydrate. If you notice on the upper piece of the roll, there’s a small speck of chilli – that’s because I ran out of the usual or cheesy variant, and used the chilli and honey sausage, which is meant for myself/hubby. I used the same sausage to prepare the spaghetti sauce, and since Yiu Yiu could take it, I thought she might be able to take the sausage on its own too. How wrong was I – she only took a few small bites on one roll, while the other was untouched. She complained that the sausage was spicy. Okie, time to do some grocery shopping this weekend. She finished the rose apple though – she calls it her favourite apple.

Thursday – she asked for eggs so I made her a hard-boiled egg with the star-shaped egg mould. Added two pieces of chicken nuggets, in the hope she’d eat more, but babysitter told me she didn’t want the nuggets. Again, she finished her favourite apples. I actually bought some Korean strawberries together with the rose apples, but she said no when I offered to pack her some strawberries. She’s never been a fan of strawberries, just like her mummy, coz they are normally rather sour. I’ve heard that Korean strawberries are sweet, so decided to buy some when I saw them at the fruit stall near my office. I tried some, and though they are not that sweet, at least they are not as sour. Looks like I’ve got to finish the whole box of strawberries myself.

Friday – made some french toast and cut them into shapes of dolphin and flowers. Added two pieces of home-made fish fingers and what else but rose apples again. She came back and complained that the fish fingers stuck in her teeth!!! Oh well, at least she ate them.


KittyCat said...

Yiu Yiu doesn't like strawberries either eh? Lucas hates them too although he'll 'pretend' he wants them and cherries too when he sees them on sale. He loves strawberry juice and milkshakes though :)

I should get some of those rose apples too...

His fruit range is currently apples, pears, grapes, banana, tangerines and papaya. Wish he'd eat guava too but he doesn't like the smell (rolls eyes)

Asianmommy said...

I love your bear-shaped guava and the star-shaped eggs.

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - looks like I've to make strawberry smoothie with those I bought. YY's repertoire of fruits is also quite small - rose apples, guavas and durians are her fave; she'll also take grapes, papaya, orange (only sweet ones), and the occasional apples and pears.

Asianmommy - thanks to cutters and egg moulds, haha..