April 10, 2009

Toddler talk and antics

When asked about my pregnancy:
Anyone: So the baby in mummy’s tummy is a boy or a girl?
Yiu Yiu: How do I know wor…baby come out only know wat.
Haha...she hasn't learnt of the wonders of ultrasound scanning.

Hubby was getting ready to attend a Lions Club meeting, yet again:
Yiu Yiu: Papa, where are you going?
Papa: I’m going for a meeting.
Yiu Yiu: You ah, very naughty boy. Always meeting meeting meeting.
Mummy (trying to instigate): Yeah lor hor, papa always meeting meeting meeting one.
Yiu Yiu: You naughty girl also ah. Always working working working.

Whenever she makes me angry, she’ll approach me with her cheeky smile and say “Happy family lah”. Sigh! How to keep an angry face like that?

Other gems from her:
Why you all so ma fan one?
I wanna pengsan already…


Liew said...

See your doter is complaining oredi that both of you not spending enough time with her in her own way. You all better take note leh

KittyCat said...

Hahaha...she's one smart aleck, isn't she? Good that you're recording them down. I've lost a few already :P

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - haiya, for me, I can't help it right? Have to cari makan what.

Kittycat - I've lost a few too, have not been very diligent in keeping track of her progress.