April 12, 2009

Bento post #43 – #45

Eh, how come three only this week?

Monday – made some simple dry noodles with soya sauce, and attempted to decorate to french beans fencing, carrot butterflies and fishball clouds. The space was a tad small, so the decorations look a bit crowded. Anyway, no point to pack more than that for her, coz even with this tiny portion she couldn’t finish. Mangoes are in season now and I bought some from a pasar tani in Kuantan last weekend and they were so juicy and sweet. Yiu Yiu has asked for mangoes last week but I didn’t have any but when she saw me cutting the mangoes for her in the morning, she said she didn’t want! Sigh! So fickle-minded, and true enough, she didn’t touch them at all.

Tuesday – bought some fish balls (from Kuantan too), and since I woke up a little late, only had enough time to boil some fishballs and skewer them, and cut two pieces of checkered apples. The apple wasn’t red enough so they didn’t turn out that visually appealing.

Wednesday – woke up at later than yesterday, so no time to do anything, except to cut some guava into bear shapes. Didn’t take any photos coz no one would be interested to see just guava slices :-)

Thursday – woke up extra early coz I thought I wanted to compensate for not making Yiu Yiu proper snacks for the last two days. Made some french beans, carrot and button mushroom omelette using a flower-shaped pan and since she likes tomato ketchup, just top some for her onto the omelette. Didn’t have any proper squeezing tool so the ketchup appeared thick and smeared :-( At the side are some bear shaped guava slices.

Friday – had wanted to give her some siew pau which I bought the night before. I had cut them into halves and placed them into the bento box while I washed and cut the guava. Again, the little missy said she didn’t want the siew pau, and took them out from the box. Since I know she wouldn’t budge, and I didn’t have the luxury of time to coax her (we are always rushing for time in the morning), I just packed her off with the guava slices…so again, photo not needed.

Sigh!!! I’m so losing my enthusiasm in packing food for her, since she always end up not wanting this or that. Even if she wasn’t picky about the food I packed (she’s almost always in the kitchen with me when I pack her food), half the food would end up in the dustbin anyway, coz she hardly ever finishes them.


Juju said...

I m very impressed with the bentos that you have prepared for Yui Yui, can I know how did you cut the apples into checkered shapes and also where did you get the egg shaper from ?

A Mom's Diary said...

Juju - thanks for dropping by. I got the checkered apple idea from http://www.jessieling.com/2008/07/29/checkered-apple

You can get the egg mould online from http://www.jessieling.com/markethall and http://bentomarket.com

I got mine from Daiso (Japanese store) in Singapore. They have just opened a branch in The Curve also.

Lydia said...

Hello! I really admire your patience! Yiu Yiu is very lucky! When I was younger, my mother didn't have time to pack me lunches as she was working. I hated the lunch meals provided in nursery + kindergarten! Wish she didn't have to go to work. I would finish everything that she packs for me!

two pixels photography said...

maybe pack her less food? I notice mine also doesn't finish her food during break, so she continue eating them when she gets home.

A Mom's Diary said...

Lydia - thanks for dropping by. Looks like I have more fans for my bento online compared to my daughter :-)

Jazz - yeah, she always say she can't finish the food coz teacher says "KEEP". She normally continues eating them at babysitter's, but I think most often than not, she doesn't finish them.

Asianmommy said...

Love the butterflies & the checkered apples.

Liew said...

Teacher says KEEP cos she is a slow eater oso. On top of that, your doter very kapochi one........so that also leaves her wif less time to eat her own food ;)

A Mom's Diary said...

Asianmommy - thanks

WK - I know, and her break time is only 20mins, I think