April 21, 2009

Fun with cousins

We went to pay respects to dad for Ching Ming at Nilai Memorial Park last Sunday. It’s later than usual, since I had been away for the last four weekends. It’s also been a long time since Yiu Yiu met up with her cousins, Yihao and Xiaoyu. Yiu Yiu and Yihao were like long-lost friends, and they had so much fun together. Xiaoyu is a little too small to join in the fun, so she pretty much entertained herself.

Here’s a short video of the two, with Yiu Yiu singing a modified version of “Monkeys jumping on the bed” and Yihao acting the part of the monkey jumping.

And this is of them playing “Ring around the rosie".

Some photos before we left…

Yihao and Yiu Yiu

Yihao and Xiaoyu


LittleLamb said...

i like yiu2 two sweet dimples :p

A Mom's Diary said...

LittleLamb - actually she only has one dimple on her left cheek, I also dunno what happened to the right cheek :-)