April 27, 2009

Into the 3rd trimester

Woohoo…another 10 weeks or so to go. Baby now weighs about 1kg, which is just right for her gestational age. There you go, I’ve just let the cat out of the bag. Yup, we should be expecting a girl, and here's how she looks like.

I’ve gained 5kg so far, and I’m pretty happy…haha…less weight for me to lose post-partum. But then again, I may just balloon up in this trimester.

Nevertheless, I’m starting to feel the heaviness of the bump, especially when getting out of bed. Either that or my joints are getting looser as I feel my whole body aches each time I get up from the bed. It’s also getting increasingly difficult to squat. I don’t quite remember having these kinds of problems in my first pregnancy, maybe it’s due to the fact that I’ve not been exercising at all this round. During my first pregnancy, I swam at least twice a week, as we were staying in a condo then and had easy access to the pool. Now that we are staying in a landed property and with a toddler to mind, I just don’t have the motivation or the energy to drive to my sister’s apartment down the road to use the pool. I just pray that the lack of exercise would not result in a difficult labour.

At 29th weeks now, I’m still having bouts of nausea, especially when I’m hungry or when I’m too full. It’s as if there’s a limit to my stomach capacity and if I overfill it just a tiny wee bit, it’ll overflow. Whenever Yiu Yiu sees me having one of my retching episodes, she’ll ask “Baby kick(s) your throat ah?” :-) But otherwise, my food preference is back to normal.

We haven’t been very meticulous with this pregnancy compared to the first one. At that time, I was diligently reading the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book chapter by chapter, as the pregnancy progresses. I also never missed reading through the weekly email updates from Babycentre but this round, it’s been almost zilch in terms of reading up, except for a few quick reads when I needed information on foods to avoid during pregnancy or supplements during pregnancy. And up to now, we haven’t given much thought to what we need to buy and/or prepare for the new baby. Heck, we haven’t even started thinking of names either. Gosh! Now I feel like I’m sooo neglecting this pregnancy, even though we waited much longer before we were finally blessed with this baby. I wonder if it’s just me, or is this the case with most parents for their subsequent pregnancies?


jazzmint said...

u definitely not look like into 3rd trimester!! And it's a norm, 2nd one we tend to be more relax hehehe

chanelwong said...

Glad to know baby is healthy...Do update us more...

cre8tone said...

Lovely! starts to feels bb kicking...

A Mom's Diary said...

Jazz - hehe...feel so kesian for the 2nd baby coz the parents not so kancheong oredi.

Chanel - the next update on baby would probably be after I deliver :-)

Little Prince's mummy - she started kicking around the 20th week liao.

Liew said...

Yalor, this is wat ppl call mid child syndrome lor.......I am assuming u r hvg a 3rd child ;)

ryeli said...

hi, have been following ur blog but never left a comment till now.

firstly, congrats! and also on you expecting another girl...like u, i have 2 girls and they're definitely my pride and joy.

my 2nd pregnancy also didn't see me as 'kan cheong' as my first. it's typical coz busy with work plus a toddler. i did feel guilty abt this and try 2 made up whenever i remember to. preparations also very last minute. hehe...

btw, i was also vomitting throughout my pregnancy although the frequency is lesser in 2nd and 3rd trimester. not sure whether it's because of 2nd pregnancy but the aches and discomfort is worst than the 1st one for me. hope yours is not as bad as mine!

oh yea, i admire your determination to the bentos (not forgetting their posts and pictures!) and that your yiu yiu eats them. where do u find the time?! not sure if my girl will eat them coz she's one fussy eater.

tk care!

A Mom's Diary said...

WK - you can slow slow wait for the 3rd child la...

Ryeli's mummy:
Thanks for following my blog. I have yours in my list too but haven't been following your two girls' development closely.

Looks like we share lots in common in our 2nd pregnancy.

YY's kindy only serves biscuits so I try to pack something more substantial for her, coz she's very skinny for her age...her fussiness with food doesn't help either.

Please leave your marks here more often, and likewise, I'll try to leave my mark on your sites too :-)

KittyCat said...

Ooh...sounds like you have heartburn. I had it with Lucas too and the only way to to have really tiny meals e.g. one sandwich and half a cup of Milo.

You sound really excited! :)

I experienced a major pain called pubis something where I couldn't walk without feeling like Ariel the mermaid after getting her legs.

It was really horrible that I even got doctor's orders to work from home. Getting up from the bed was the worst - I'd roll over on my side and with legs closed together, I'll slowly lower them to the floor before using my thigh muscles to lift myself up :P

Dunno if you're experiencing this...I hope note!

Angeleyes said...

Congrats to you for having another girl! I'm sure YY will be very pleased!

Darrius said he wants a boy! See, they wants same gender so they can play together!

I hope for another boy too... hehehe so I can save some money!

A Mom's Diary said...

Kittycat - haha...don't think it's that serious, it just feels like I've just conquered Mt Kinabalu, with muscle ache and joint pain when I wake up each day.

Angeleyes - YY is really pleased it's a girl, guess you're right about them wanting the same gender to play with. I have the same thoughts about not needing to spend money to buy things for a different gender :-)